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Strokes of Power

October 13, 2023 @ 12:00 am

Pune-based artist M Narayan’s interest in Polo, the oldest of equestrian sports, also known as the sport of kings, came to the fore during a visit to the Delhi Polo grounds. He was fascinated by the speed of the ponies, the swish of slender mallets maneuvered by riders while controlling the paces of beautiful equines and the excitement of the spectators.
Narayan’s initial interest began when he went as a spectator of horse racing. He would create quick sketches while watching the sport, trying to capture the chemistry between man and steed. The experience imbued in him the kinetic energy of speed and agility, to whet his creative ability and to compose each painting with energetic strokes of the brush. His imagination took one particular path to try and ‘capture’ speed by quick hand movements and brush strokes that spoke a gestural language.
Over the years, Narayan’s varied renditions in mixed medium, are the additions of charcoals, acrylics, watercolours, pigments and oils on surfaces of paper and canvas.
Narayan’s oeuvre for the past three decades, are reminiscent of a quote by the great poet and artist William Blake who said, “Energy is an eternal delight.”

M. Narayan

M. Narayan is an accomplished artist who completed his BFA from the Ken School of Art in Bangalore. His artistic journey has been influenced by great masters such as Picasso, M.F. Husain and JMS Mani. Notably, his works have garnered widespread acclaim and have been commissioned by prominent corporate houses and art collectors in India and abroad.
Hailing from the quaint village of Mittiganahalli in Karnataka, Narayan’s artistry revolves around preserving the simplicity and innocence of ethnic and rural subjects. Since embarking on his artistic career in 1991, he has showcased his remarkable talent in more than 35 solo exhibitions and numerous group shows across India and internationally.
Among his recurring themes, Narayan’s profound passion for horses stands out prominently. His artistic approach involves simplifying forms while employing vibrant hues that breathe life into his creations, evoking a sense of space, movement, depth, and shape in both animate and inanimate subjects.
M. Narayan’s lives and works in Pune.


October 13, 2023
12:00 am